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3 Natural Ways to Lower Humidity at Home

You have treated the mold that is slowly growing on the windows around the house, and it seems like no matter what you do (no pun intended) the mildew just grows back right after you clean it up. If this is your story or something similar to it, the reason this is happening is that there is too much humidity inside your home.

You may be wondering how the humidity got so thick inside of your home. There are a few reasons as to the cause of the humidity in your home. Some of the sources are small and easy to fix, while others are large and may require a professional from Brinson & Sons to repair.

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Reasons for Excess Humidity

Noticing the humidity within the home is difficult to do when everything is working properly and there are no problems, but when there is a ventilation issue or a leak that causes the home extra moisture to hang around you can definitely tell the difference. You can test it for yourself. Walk in and out of your house. If you can feel the temperature change and it is not extremely hot or cold inside or outside, that would be an indication that there could be extra humidity in the air. Some other causes for excess humidity in the home are poor bathroom ventilation or way too many plants inside of the home.


Natural Remedies

Before you go out and spend tons of money on a total HVAC repairs or renovation, you can try these home remedies that will help to reduce the humidity in your home.


  • Shorter showers. If your bathroom ventilation or the ventilation in the home is poor, taking long showers can create and add to moisture to build up throughout the home. By shortening the time spent in the shower you can reduce moisture build up. Taking a shower with the window open will help to alleviate some of that extra moisture.
  • Ventilate and circulate. Good ventilation and well-circulated air dries the moisture out of the air faster. This will help with the heavy humid air. Ceiling fans and ventilation fans in your bathrooms, kitchen, and around the home will help with humidity build up.
  • Cover the soil on houseplants. Having several houseplants inside the home can cause heavy humidity. By using a layer of rocks on top of the soil will help to keep the moisture that is in the soil, inside of the soil instead of lingering inside the home.

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