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5 Advantages of Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems


ductless heating and cooling systems


Most homeowners are no stranger to ductless heating and cooling systems, possibly observing them in a small house, office building, or restaurant. However, they may not understand the advantages that come with these systems.


  1. Flexible Solutions

Conventional heating and air conditioning systems deliver heated and cooled air to different zones through the use of ducts. Ductless systems, however, provide air directly into those areas. Ductless heating and cooling systems include one or more indoor units and a small outdoor unit. Only mounting brackets and electricity is needed for these units. An ideal choice to replace space heaters, electric baseboard heaters, and ineffective window units with ductless systems. Moreover, these systems are an exceptional choice for new construction, additions, apartments, and homes needing air temperature improvement.


  1. Improved Air Quality

Air quality in indoor spaces can often time be less than the quality found in outdoor spaces. Air ducts must be cleaned regularly by a professional, but even so, allergens and dust can be left behind. Then again, ductless systems provide homeowners with multi-stage filtration, drastically reducing allergens, dust, pollen, bacteria, and other elements breathed in the air.


  1. Cost-Effective

A primary reason many homeowners change to ductless heating and cooling systems is the cost-effectiveness. Over the last several years, energy costs across the nation have dramatically increased. Monthly utility bills can quickly become out of control when a building’s temperature relies heavily on inefficient systems. Less power is necessary for the operation of ductless systems, the size is significantly smaller than conventional forced-air systems, and there is no loss in efficiency because air is delivered directly into the indoor space. Also, homeowners can create “zones” within their home, where unoccupied rooms no longer are heated or cooled.


  1. Easy Installation

It can take many weeks to install a conventional ducted system, disrupting normal everyday activities within the home. On the other hand, installation of ductless heating systems are less intrusive and can be completed in one day depending on how many outdoor and indoor units are needed.


A 3-inch hole is all that is needed due to small piping with multi-spit systems. The rebuilding of ceilings and walls is not necessary and no space is lost.


  1. Reduced Noise and Increased Comfort

Each zone of the building can be adjusted to the desired comfort level of the occupant by use of the individual remote-control thermostat with every indoor unit. Ductless systems require a small level of velocities, allowing them to be significantly quieter than conventional systems.

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