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5 Interesting Facts About Heat Pumps

A heat pump is a central part to many HVAC units, acting as a transporter of warmer air in different directions depending on temperature and season. In this blog post, we’ll discuss 5 interesting facts about heat pumps you may not know about.

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1. Heat Pumps Work By Moving Warmer Air to New Places

Think of a heat pump like a giant highway of warm air that can be pushed or pulled from one place to the other. Heat pumps are constantly displacing warm air to either heat or cool a space. For example – because we’re in the heat of Winter (or the cold, rather), a heat pump’s job is to take any warm air at all from outside and displace it back inside. During summer, the opposite is true – the cooler outside air is pushed indoors through the heat pump.

2. Heat Pumps Don’t Generate Heat, They Move It

A common misconception about heat pumps is that they somehow generate heat. This is not true. Like noted above, heat pumps will only move and balance warm air in order to create the desired temperature. This process is powered by electricity and is considered to be one of the most efficient manners of climate control according to the HVAC industry standards.

3. A Heat Pump Is Only Suitable For Moderate Climates

While a heat pump may be perfect for the Carolinas, a region that sees more harsh winters may also need a supplemental heat source to generate the lack of warm air. Our winters are mild enough to accommodate heat pumps effectively into our HVAC systems. Even if the outside air is 32 degrees, that’s more than enough to heat your home.

4. Heat Pumps are Powered By Regrigerants

Without getting too in depth about the science of refrigeration and heat transfer – heat pumps utilize refrigerants to manipulate air and draw heat from what would otherwise be “cold air.” The refrigerant helps super cool coils which then naturally draw warmer air to them, allowing for the heat transfer from outside to in to begin.

5. Brandon & Sons Offers the Best Heat Pump Services

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