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How to Achieve Good Duct Work Design for Your Home

The very real truth is that residential duct work design should start from the proverbial drawing board. Determining the design that will be the most effective and efficient for cooling and heating the home, and is it the most aesthetically appealing to the eye is not the easiest thing to do in the home. The quality and the performance of your duct both have a direct impact on energy cost, energy efficiency, indoor air quality and the overall comfort-ability of your home.


Not a Second Thought

Ductwork should in no way be an afterthought when developing new construction. The design is highly important to the effectiveness of the HVAC (heating, ventilation, air conditioning) system. In new homes, ductwork should be completely designed out and a blueprint developed to ensure that the most efficient and effective layout is created and implemented.


Choosing Correctly Is Important

It is appealing to choose the company with the lowest price to work with. It may be even more appealing to work with the company who takes the shortest amount of time putting the ductwork in. The problem with making these two reasons top priority when it comes to selecting the right people to work with is because this is ultimately too large of a decision to be put on speed and cost, and not quality.

In the past, the design of the ductwork in the home has not taken priority for the developers, builders, and contractors who build houses. However, HVAC professionals are now spending lots of time and billable hours attempting to correct the adverse consequences of poor design, and ultimately poor installation, of ductwork in homes. How people find out their ductwork is poorly designed or installed is because after calling an HVAC professional to the home on several occasions they still cannot figure out why they have had such poor circulation and comfort with such high energy cost. They just cannot seem to figure it out, and the most likely culprit is the mediocre ductwork.

There are many different small design and installation elements that go into ductwork. There are several calculations and variables involved. Air pressure, size of space and layout of the home are all determining factors for the size and layout of the ducts inside the home.

The design is one half of achieving high-quality ductwork and the other half is installation. You know the design has been achieved by the look, the quality of the indoor air, and the cost of using your system.

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