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How Air Conditioners Can Cut Humidity

how air conditioners can cut humidity

How Air Conditioners Can Cut Humidity

Spring is well under way in Wilmington, and the temperatures are on the rise.  So, too, are the humidity levels.  In many instances, the humidity is worse than the heat.  Hot, humid days can make you feel miserable.  Fortunately, an efficient air conditioner will not only help to keep the temperature of your home at a comfortable level, it will also greatly help to cut the humidity.

Why Cutting Humidity is Important

High humidity with warm temperatures is never a good mixture.  Our bodies regulate temperature through perspiration, and as it evaporates, we cool down.  When the air is saturated, it becomes difficult for the perspiration to evaporate.  High humidity leaves you feeling uncomfortable, sticky and just plain miserable.

But this isn’t the only issue high humidity in your home causes.  It causes significant health problems for those with allergies and other breathing issues.  Moisture can also seep into all areas of your home, including your furniture and carpeting.  This can then lead to musty smells, mold and damage to wooden structures.  Keeping the humidity at an appropriate level (between 35 and 55%), will help to keep you healthy and your home safe.

How an Air Conditioner Removes Humidity

Air conditioners, especially those that are more modern, are quite capable of regulating humidity levels within your home.  But how do they do it?  Your air conditioner has two major systems, one inside and the other outside the house.  When your air conditioner turns on, the compressor, which sits outside, sends refrigerant to the evaporator coil, which is indoors.  As the warm, saturated, air passes over the evaporator coil, the moisture is condensed, and removed from the atmosphere.  The cooler, less humid air is then moved through the ductwork and passed throughout the home.  The evaporator coil collects the water and passes through a drainage system, removing it completely from your home.

Getting the Right Air Conditioner

In order for your air conditioner to effectively remove moisture from the air and keep your home cool and comfortable, you need to make sure it is the right size.  Air conditioners that are too small run constantly (running up your utility bill), while units that are too big never effectively remove all of the moisture.  Sizing air conditioners involve an equation that takes into account the size of your home, the number of windows, where those windows are and several other factors.  A trained air conditioning specialist will be able to make the calculation for you, ensuring that you get the perfect size for your home.

Don’t let the heat and humidity of Wilmington’s warmer months get you down.  An efficient, properly working air conditioner will help you to beat both, and stay comfortable in your home.  If you need a new a new air conditioner, or need maintenance or repairs on your current unit, call us today!

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