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Benefits of Variable Speed Technology

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Variable speed technology is a development whose benefits have yet to be discovered by many. If you are unfamiliar with this technology, this article is for you. The use of variable speed in HVAC units refers to the blower motor within the system. Variable speed technology utilizes an ECM, or electronically commutated motor, in order to produce an AC motor that is much more efficient than traditional AC motors. The different speeds that are possible with a variable speed motor make the control of the flowing of the air much easier than traditional motors. The controlled air flow contributes to a healthier balance of humidity and temperature by accounting for adjustments as needed. Below are just a few of the benefits of variable speed technology.

Temperature Control

Variable speed is able to cater the air in your home to a more specific temperature by means of a variety of speeds to produce the exact temperature you desire. This differs from that of a traditional motor, as they are only able to produce two speeds and in turn makes it difficult to reach the optimal temperature like the variable speed motor. Variable speed motors also contribute to humidity control. Because the motor runs on longer cycles than a traditional motor, it can better control the amount of humidity in the air and lead to a much more comfortable home.

Cost Effective

Variable speed motor uses much less energy than traditional motors. The result is a savings anyone can get behind. The variable speed motor does not need to reach its maximum potential in order to do its job. When your HVAC unit isn’t’ working as hard to produce the optimal temperature, it can lower your monthly energy bills and truly save you money.

Better Air Quality

With a variable speed motor, your air quality will improve due to the increased amount of air revolving throughout the HVAC unit and the air filter. If you combine the variable speed motor with a 3M air filter, your air will be even cleaner!

If all of these benefits sound great to you, it might be time to make the switch. Contact your local HVAC technician to schedule an appointment to discuss your options for commercial HVAC services. When you start reaping the benefits of this technology, you will understand why so many are enjoying the comfort of a variable speed motor in their HVAC unit.


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