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Is your HVAC prepared for HURRICANE SEASON?

August 8, 2020
Here on the east coast, the hurricane season is upon us, June 1 – November 30. Which means it’s time to prepare your home for whatever weather blows in. The storms don’t just bring rain and wind, they also cause power outages which can affect your HVAC. So in your preparations don’t forget to protect your HVAC system. HVAC Preparation Before the Hurricane Below are steps you can take before, during and after a storm to minimize damage to your HVAC. Cool your home. Cool your home in advance so you can stay comfortable if your power goes out and while waiting for ... Continue Reading

When should I replace my HVAC system?

June 16, 2020
Knowing whether to replace or repair your heating and cooling system is a difficult decision to make. But here are a few facts to consider to help with the decision. 1) How well your system is performingAre you constantly adjusting your thermostat? Does your air feel damp? Are you hearing noises when your unit startup? All of these signs may signal and a new unit is required instead of just a repair. 2) Age of your systemYou can expect repairs or replacements if your air conditioner and heat pump are 10 to 12 years old. While furnaces have a life span of ... Continue Reading


May 21, 2020
Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer! Your HVAC system is just like any other piece of working equipment.  It requires attention and upkeep, you can plan for the maintenance or wait for the emergency break down.  Here’s a prime example;  if you are not changing the oil and serving your vehicle then the performance of the engine could leave you stranded on the highway. Your HVAC system needs regular upkeep just as much as your car does, and the best way to make sure everything is running smoothly is with an HVAC Maintenance Agreement. 1. Prevention A maintenance agreement is a proactive ... Continue Reading

Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for Summer!

CALL TODAY! (910) 763-3550 NO MAINTENANCE AGREEMENT, NO PROBLEM! When the temperature rises, don’t be caught simmering in the hot summer heat! The last thing you want on the first really hot day of summer is to find your central air conditioner doesn’t work. Spring is the perfect time in Southeast Carolina to get your air conditioner ready for summer. Call Brinson & Sons today and get $20 dollars off on HVAC Summer Preventative Maintenance plan! Continue Reading

Do you have the cleanest air available?

April 21, 2020
Are you struggling with allergies or asthma?  Are you concerned about the health and safety of your family and the quality of the air you breathe every day in your home? We can help by offering you a new product that is noted for fighting against unwanted odors, mold, viruses, bacteria, and allergens in your home.  The Global Plasma Solutions GPS–2400 ionization generator can assist you in having the cleanest and purest air available for your overall comfort.      The GPS–2400 Ionization Generator is a carbon fiber needlepoint bi-polar ionization generator. This product purifies the air by eliminating airborne particulates, odors, and ... Continue Reading

How do you know when to service your commercial HVAC?

March 1, 2020
There are many reasons to keep your commercial HVAC working properly but the two main reasons are; proper working equipment costs less to operate and the units last longer when maintained properly. MOISTUREHigh humidity in your building is a sure sign that some about your HVAC is not working correctly. You may also notice condensation on your AC or heating unit. UTILITY BILLAn AC that is not functionally property requires more power. So if you noticed a spike in your utility bill your HVAC could be consuming extra power indicating a malfunction. ODORIf you smell a musty odor coming from your ... Continue Reading

Dryer vents: When to clean them

February 15, 2020
Reaching your hand into your dryer to find damp or wet clothes is not a good feeling. This may be from not cleaning your dryer vent.  A clogged up dryer vent can cost you money on your utility bill but more importantly can be the cause of house fires. Airflow can become restricted when lint from your clothes clog the air vents. This is usually the cause of your clothes not becoming completely dry. Make it a routine to clean your lint trap after every load. Dryer vent cleaning should be part of your seasonal cleaning checklist. Spring and fall cleaning schedules ... Continue Reading

Do you have any of these common Thermostat issues?

February 1, 2020
Is your thermostat placed too close to direct sunlight?  If so, you could find yourself freezing all year round. The direct sunlight could force the thermostat to believe the home is already warm, never triggering the heat to come on.  Or the warm sunny summer could trigger the thermostat to react and have the air conditioner running continuously.  Also, a thermostat needs to be centrally located in the home.  A dark hallway is never a good idea for placement. Neither is a room with a secondary heat source such as a fireplace. Place the thermostat in the center of ... Continue Reading

Monthly HVAC Maintenance to Keep Your System Running All Year

August 27, 2018
Now that you have your HVAC system installed, you have to keep monthly maintenance in mind. Here are some tips to help you keep your HVAC system running smoothly all year! Replace your air filter every 90 days This is a super simple one! By replacing you air filter every 90 days at least, you can prevent hair, dirt, and debris from clogging up your system. Turn off water to humidifier in the summer and turn it on in the fall Another simple monthly maintenance tip is caring for your humidifier. In the summer, turn the water off to the system and in the fall, replace ... Continue Reading

Tips for HVAC Maintenance: Pet Owner Edition

August 10, 2018
Having a furry friend in your house adds life and fun to a home. However, they can cause damage to yout HVAC system. In the case of keeping your HVAC running smoothly with pets in the home, it’s all about prevention. Following are 5 simple ways to prevent permanent damage to your HVAC system. Groom your pet often One super easy way to keep your HVAC clean and running smoothly is by grooming your pet often. This will prevent stray hairs and dander from clogging up your HVAC system. Maintain your air filters Another simple way to prevent your HVAC system from getting damaged from pet hair and ... Continue Reading

Keeping Cooling Costs low in your Commercial Property

July 31, 2018
With the summer heat, keeping your commercial property cool is very important. However, cooling such large properties can cost a fortune if you are not careful. Here are some helpful tips to keep your costs low! Reduce the lighting Encourage your employees to turn off the lights when they are not in the room or building. This will keep spaces cool as well as cut electricity costs. Set your office equipment to switch to sleep-mode when not in use Most office equipment, such as printers and copiers, have sleep-modes that can be set to automatically come on when the equipment has not been used for a ... Continue Reading

Tips for Heating and Cooling a Sunroom

July 17, 2018
Cooling: With the summer months in full swing, keeping your sunroom cool is crucial to enjoying it all summer long. One way to keep your sunroom cool is to extend your existing HVAC system. Set up a consultation with Brinson and Sons to access whether or not your sunroom is big enough to accommodate it. Another way you can keep your sunroom cool is by insulating and/or tinting your doors and windows. This will keep the cool air in as well as the hot summer air out. Tinting the windows will reduce the sunlight coming in, but depending on the look you are going for, tinting could be ... Continue Reading

air conditioner installation

How to Fight Allergies with Your HVAC

June 18, 2018
When you have allergies, everyday activities can be inhibited by a flare up. There are ways to help yourself feel better when your allergies are acting up, but did you know there are also ways to fight allergies with your HVAC system? You’ve probably never thought about your HVAC system being a deterrent to your allergies, but it’s true! Find out more about how you can fight allergies with your HVAC system and start breathing better today! Circulation Control The things floating around in the air in your home play the most major role in your allergies. These particles can include dust, pet hair ... Continue Reading

Tips to Lower Your AC Costs in NC this Summer

May 29, 2018
When it comes to staying cool in the North Carolina heat this summer, you will want to do everything you can to make sure your AC is working properly. If you need some tips on how to do that, we have some below that will help you through this summer so you can stay cool and comfortable inside your home. Window Treatment There are several treatments and upgrades you can do for your windows that can help keep the cool air in and keep your AC in working order. First, find out how old your windows are. An upgrade to more energy ... Continue Reading

Commercial HVAC Contractors Wilmington NC

January 23, 2018
The Difference Between Licensed and Unlicensed Hiring a commercial hvac contractor in Wilmington NC contractor to complete work on your heating and air system is no easy task. There are many companies and HVAC contractors to choose from and making a decision and choosing the very best option can be difficult. Perhaps you’re not even sure what you’re looking for? The main thing you need to search for in an HVAC contractor is that he/she is licensed. Many companies advertising their services might not be properly licensed, and choosing one without the proper license and knowledge the get the job done ... Continue Reading

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Home Heating and Air Wilmington NC Tips

January 12, 2018
How House Plants Help to Clean Indoor Air If you constantly feel as though you are breathing in air that is not as clean as it could be, cleaning is not always the answer. The answer could be easier than you think. Many plants are beneficial in cleaning the air in your home and can also add a nice ambiance and flair by being decorative as well. If you are tired of purchasing cleaning products and other equipment in order to breathe clean air, read further to find out more about how plants can help rectify home heating and air Wilmington ... Continue Reading

Benefits of HVAC Repair Wilmington NC

Benefits of HVAC Repair Wilmington NC

January 3, 2018
Benefits of Replacing a Furnace in Need of Repair Having trouble with your furnace but don’t want to spend the time or money to get it fixed? You just might be glad you did. Even though replacing a furnace can seem like a stressful task, it doesn’t have to be. In fact, replacing your furnace when it needs repairing can actually be very beneficial to you in many different ways. You might think it would be too much money to replace it, or maybe you aren’t sure it needs replaced at all. Perhaps it just needs some repairs? You should consider ... Continue Reading

heating registers

Closing Heating Registers During Winter – Yes or No?

December 29, 2017
Do closing heating/cooling registers really save energy or not? Heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning (HVAC) systems tend to use lots of gas and electricity, especially while heating/cooling unused space. Numerous homeowners close heating/cooling registers in unused rooms in an attempt to save energy. Reason Why Closing Registers Should Save Energy   Closing registers to a bathroom or bedroom not in use may seem like a wise decision to conserve more energy. Closing the register and door should allow no hot or cool air to enter the unused room, freeing your HVAC units to cool/heat other areas of your house. The forced air from your ... Continue Reading

ductless air conditioner

5 Advantages of Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems

December 18, 2017
    Most homeowners are no stranger to ductless heating and cooling systems, possibly observing them in a small house, office building, or restaurant. However, they may not understand the advantages that come with these systems.   Flexible Solutions Conventional heating and air conditioning systems deliver heated and cooled air to different zones through the use of ducts. Ductless systems, however, provide air directly into those areas. Ductless heating and cooling systems include one or more indoor units and a small outdoor unit. Only mounting brackets and electricity is needed for these units. An ideal choice to replace space heaters, electric baseboard ... Continue Reading

hvac design

How to Design Around Your HVAC

December 14, 2017
You do not have to settle for living around those components of your home. The AC, the furnace, those pesky wires; they're all something you don’t have to live with. You can still have a comfortable home without having to worry about the design disasters that might occur from them.   Mitsubishi Electric has designed a number of ductless and ducted HVAC units that are not only easy to control and efficient but also aesthetically pleasing to those worried about how their HVAC system is going to work with their current design plan.   Simple, Fast Installation With the use of the ... Continue Reading

hot water heater repair

How Long Will My Hot Water Heater Last?

December 6, 2017
Identifying the age of your hot water heater as well as the condition can help you understand when the time has come to replace it. In addition to the timely heat pump installation, energy bills can be reduced, and no interruption in hot water access. Average Lifespan On average, a typical tank-type water heater lasts eight to twelve years. An anode rod, located on the inside of the tank, uses a process called electrolysis to attract all corrosive materials to itself. Materials settle on the bottom of the tank, destroying the inside lining once the anode has reached the point of ... Continue Reading

wilmington nc heating and air

Fire Up the Furnace and Winterize Your Home

November 28, 2017
The time to fire up the furnace has arrived. If your furnace was professionally turned, you likely will have no issues turning it on for the first time this year. However, if your furnace hasn’t been touched since spring, some basic preparations may need to be done prior to its first heating cycle of the year.   First Time Firing Up the Furnace Your furnace collects dust after months of inactivity. Also, as your air conditioner is used less and less, the ducts and vents quickly fill with dust. When the furnace is switched on for the first time, dust particles tend ... Continue Reading

heating and air conditioning repair wilmington nc

Are Your Pets Running up Your Energy Bills?

November 18, 2017
In many homes, pets are considered to be beloved family members. However, pets can be costly as well, in ways that you might never have considered. Many people wind up paying more for their energy costs due to their pets in addition to veterinary care and food. Continue reading to learn why, and how you can prevent costs associated with heating and cooling in Wilmington NC from getting too steep.   Ensuring Your Pets Happiness According to a poll by E.ON, to keep their pets both comfortable and entertained while away from home, more than fifty percent of all households located in ... Continue Reading

hvac repair wilmington nc

Learn About the Next Big Breakthroughs in HVAC Efficiency

November 12, 2017
Residents throughout the United States benefit from improving energy efficiency. Carbon pollution and our reliance on fossil fuel are decreased by reducing the amount of energy we consume. Furthermore, the costs for powering our appliances is reduced by using less electricity and gas. In this article, we will discuss the next big breakthroughs in HVAC service and repair efficiency. Smart Home Smart technology is crucial in the advancement of home efficiency. An HVAC unit can be controlled and customized for comfort with smart thermostats while also allowing you to save energy. According to the Department of Energy (DOE), the next step is ... Continue Reading

How to Tell if Your Furnace is Short Cycling

How to Tell if Your Furnace is Short Cycling

November 7, 2017
Short cycling is the term used for when the furnace comes on and off repeatedly over a brief period. The temperature in your home remains at a comfortable level by the furnace cycling on and off. The cycle is controlled by the thermostat. The furnace turns on to heat the home once the temperature falls beneath a certain degree and remains on until the desired degree is reached. Reasons for Short Cycling Too Powerful Homeowners everywhere want their rooms quickly warmed up by their furnace, but most prefer these spaces are economically heated. That is why it is vital for heating and air ... Continue Reading

wilmington nc heating and air conditioning

Understanding Furnace Energy Efficiency (AFUE)

October 25, 2017
There is no question that furnaces have become more and more energy-efficient throughout the years. When you are looking to purchase a furnace knowing the efficiency ratings of the furnace should be included in your decision. This rating is called the AFUE.  AFUE stands for annual fuel use efficiency. This number is found by creating a ratio of useful energy out and energy input. It is the measure of the annual output of the heat through the furnace compared to the amount of annual fossil fuel energy taken in by the furnace. Basically, the higher the AFUE the higher the ... Continue Reading

hvac service wilmington nc

Tankless Water Heaters vs. Traditional Water Heaters

October 18, 2017
Before we get into the comparison of which water heater is better, you should have a clear understanding of the type of water heater you currently have and how it works.   Traditional Water Heater   Conventional water heaters, also recognized as storage water heaters, and these are the typical water heaters used.  The tanks are insulated and can hold anywhere around to 120 gallons of water. The water is heated by gas burners (gas water heater) or electric heating elements (electric water heater). Electric traditional water heaters consistently lose heat even though they are insulated where the gas water heaters are able to ... Continue Reading

heating repair wilmington nc

How to Achieve Good Duct Work Design for Your Home

October 10, 2017
The very real truth is that residential duct work design should start from the proverbial drawing board. Determining the design that will be the most effective and efficient for cooling and heating the home, and is it the most aesthetically appealing to the eye is not the easiest thing to do in the home. The quality and the performance of your duct both have a direct impact on energy cost, energy efficiency, indoor air quality and the overall comfort-ability of your home.   Not a Second Thought Ductwork should in no way be an afterthought when developing new construction. The design is ... Continue Reading

hvac repair

3 Natural Ways to Lower Humidity at Home

October 4, 2017
You have treated the mold that is slowly growing on the windows around the house, and it seems like no matter what you do (no pun intended) the mildew just grows back right after you clean it up. If this is your story or something similar to it, the reason this is happening is that there is too much humidity inside your home. You may be wondering how the humidity got so thick inside of your home. There are a few reasons as to the cause of the humidity in your home. Some of the sources are small and easy ... Continue Reading

heating repair wilmington nc

The History of Home Heating

September 29, 2017
Keeping your home warm is something that you probably do today very easily. With the flip of a switch, you can have heat pouring through your home on those cold winter mornings. It wasn’t always that easy. Heating your home has gone through a variety of methods and type of heat throughout the years. What you use today is not what your ancestors used to heat their homes in the past. Here is a look back at the history of home heating and how we came to utilize the central HVAC service you know and love today.   Fire In the ancient times, ... Continue Reading

heating and air companies in wilmington nc

“The Father of Air Conditioning” – Willis Haviland Carrier

September 22, 2017
When it’s hot outside and you’re inside enjoying the cool of your HVAC unit, there’s one person you can thank for that. That is the “father of air conditioning”, Willis Haviland Carrier. In 1902, Carrier developed the first modern AC system that would essentially catapult the industry and change how people heat and cool their homes and also utilize heating and cooling companies for the future. A Little Background In Angola, New York on November 26, 1876, Willis Carrier was born. He would pursue his engineering degree at Cornell University followed by employment at the Buffalo Forge Company. In 1902 he designed ... Continue Reading

hvac service wilmington nc

Preventative Maintenance for Your HVAC System

September 14, 2017
When it comes to your HVAC system, you want to know that it is ready for the season ahead. As fall and winter approaches, taking some time to do preventative maintenance on your HVAC system will help you to avoid emergency calls this season. Here are a few preventative maintenance tips you should consider for preparing your HVAC system this fall.   Change Out Filters This item cannot be stressed enough. Your filters do more than just remove allergens and dust in the air. They also will either help your system work efficiently or make it work much harder than it has to. ... Continue Reading

wilmington nc air conditioning

Should I Turn My AC Off While Away to Save Money?

September 2, 2017
This thought has been tossed around AC systems for generations. Should you turn off your AC when you’re away? Doesn’t the unit work harder if you turn it off and have to cool it back down? Won’t you be wasting money by leaving it on all day when no one is home? The simple answer to this question, answered by an experienced HVAC service technician, is you can save money while you’re away if you turn off the system. Before you think that’s nonsense, here are some things to think about when you leave your home. Leaving it On All ... Continue Reading

wilmington nc heating and air

Ways to Extend the Life of Your Heating and Cooling System

August 24, 2017
Your HVAC system is one of the most important appliances in your home. It keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Without it, your home would not be a very comfortable place. It is important that you keep your HVAC system functioning properly. Here are a few things you can try in order to extend the life of your heating and cooling system. Schedule Regular Maintenance Checks Scheduling regular maintenance checks is hands down the absolute best way to extend the life of your heating and cooling system. Regular maintenance checks performed by a professional HVAC service ... Continue Reading

hvac repair wilmington nc

The Right Time to Repair or Replace your HVAC Unit

August 18, 2017
Replacing an HVAC unit can be a costly undertaking and one that you would rather try to avoid. However, there comes a time when it must be done. Find out more about when is the right time to replace your HVAC unit. When it Costs too Much to Repair You know it’s time to replace your HVAC unit when the costs of repair are higher than the cost of a new system. This might sound crazy, but it can happen. If your HVAC system is more than 20 years old or if the previous owner has not taken the proper care to ... Continue Reading

heating and air conditioning repair wilmington nc

Duct Cleaning to Improve Your Home and Health

August 10, 2017
Over time, the ductwork in your home is plagued with the buildup of dirt and debris that warrant a deep cleaning. The debris will eventually move from your ductwork to the air within your home and can be harmful to your health. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent the buildup of debris in your ductwork, no matter how clean your home is. However, keeping up with the routine maintenance will help keep your ductwork from accumulating too much debris by having it cleaned on a consistent basis. This, in turn, will improve the overall health and happiness of your ... Continue Reading

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Benefits of Variable Speed Technology

August 2, 2017
  Variable speed technology is a development whose benefits have yet to be discovered by many. If you are unfamiliar with this technology, this article is for you. The use of variable speed in HVAC units refers to the blower motor within the system. Variable speed technology utilizes an ECM, or electronically commutated motor, in order to produce an AC motor that is much more efficient than traditional AC motors. The different speeds that are possible with a variable speed motor make the control of the flowing of the air much easier than traditional motors. The controlled air flow contributes to ... Continue Reading

a history of air conditioning

A History of Air Conditioning

July 21, 2017
The first mention of air conditioning came in the 1840’s when a doctor and inventor from Florida, Dr. John Gorrie, first suggested it due to his idea that cooling the rooms would help his patients feel better. His first attempt involved bringing ice from frozen lakes in the United States, which of course didn’t always work out. He later developed an invention that used a horse, water, and steam to produce ice that cooled the room. His idea received a patent but eventually fell through. His idea, however, was the beginning of air conditioning as we know it. Years later, around ... Continue Reading

ways to improve ac efficiency

Ways to Improve AC Efficiency

Ways to Improve AC Efficiency Efficient air conditioning systems are what keep us cool and comfortable in our homes when the heat outside reaches unbearable temperatures. If your air conditioning unit is not functioning properly, it can take that comfort away. Below are some tips for improving your air conditioning system’s efficiency so that you can stay cool and comfortable in your home. Programmable Thermostat Programmable thermostats allow you to program the temperature in your home throughout the day. This means that you could set the air conditioning system to maintain one temperature throughout the day while you are at work, so it ... Continue Reading

summer ac maintenance

Summer AC Maintenance

Summer AC Maintenance The summer months can bring about extreme hot temperatures and the need to use your air conditioner to keep cool while inside your house. While a break from the heat is needed, it’s important that your air conditioning system is in working order. The following are a few tips for summer air conditioning maintenance to help be sure you can stay cool all summer. Routine Maintenance Routine maintenance checks are the first step in making sure your air conditioning system is in the best shape to get you through the summer. Be sure to have a maintenance technician check your ... Continue Reading

air conditioner installation

Air Conditioner Installation

  Air Conditioner Installation Air conditioner installation is a job best left to the professionals. However, there are a few things you should know if you are in the market for a new air conditioning system. Find out how having your air conditioning system properly installed can make it a more successful process. Choosing the Right Type of Air Conditioning System Proper air conditioner installation starts with choosing the right type of air conditioning system for your home. Homes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, locations, needs, etc. and the type of air conditioning system you choose will be dependent on many factors. ... Continue Reading

How to Know it’s Time to Have Your Air Conditioner Replaced

June 19, 2017
Is it time to have your air conditioner replaced? The health of your air conditioning system is probably not something you think about too often, as long as it’s doing its job. However, if you have begun to think about your air conditioning system more than usual, chances are that is because you have been experiencing some issues with it. It might be time to think about replacing the unit with a newer and improved unit. A unit that is more energy efficient and effective will be well worth your time and effort to replace the current unit. Take a look ... Continue Reading

Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

There is no question that we all love summer and all the fun activities it brings. But what about when you’re at home and you just can’t beat the heat? If you are experiencing high temperatures within your home due to the summer heat, this article is for you. Find out some tips on how to cool off and relax in your home, even during the unbearable heat of summer. Insulation Making sure that your home is properly insulated is a great way to stay cool this summer. Before the summer months approach, take some extra time to check your home ... Continue Reading

How to Choose the Best HVAC System for Your Home

Choosing an HVAC unit for your home is no easy task. It is best to speak to your contractor about specifics of what your home might need, but to also educate yourself on how to choose the best unit. Here are a few tips to help you along the way. Cost As with any major purchase, you should consider your budget while choosing an HVAC system for your home. However, you also want to be sure to get the most for your money. This could mean spending a little more than you wanted if that means that you will save money over ... Continue Reading

How to Find a Quality Air Conditioning Repair Technician

Finding a quality air conditioning repair technician is important. However, it can be a tough decision. There are many factors to consider before choosing the company and technician that you feel will do the best job for your home. Read further to learn a few tips on how to find a quality air conditioning repair technician that you can trust to get the job done the right way and at a cost you can afford. References First and foremost, speaking to recent customers or reading customer reviews is probably one of the best ways to find a quality air conditioning repair ... Continue Reading

Sounds That Signal HVAC Trouble

Sounds That Signal HVAC Trouble

May 15, 2017
Your air conditioner has an important job.  Now that the temperatures are on the rise in Wilmington, you rely on your air conditioner to keep your home cool and comfortable.  One of the best parts of your air conditioner is that it does its job in a relatively quiet manner, and most of the sounds you do hear are completely normal.  Some noises, however, are not normal, and can signal trouble for your HVAC unit. Banging If you hear a loud banging or clanking sound, it’s often an indication that there is a problem with the blower assembly, or the motor.  Should ... Continue Reading


MERV and MPR – AC Replacement Filter Terms

The air filter of your air conditioner is a crucial element.  The filter is there to remove particles from the air, such as dirt, dander, dust and other debris, all of which can otherwise contaminate the air in your home.  Air filters should be replaced every one to three months.  If you’ve ever looked at the packaging of your air filter (and you should!), you most likely have noticed a MERV and/or MPR rating.  What exactly do these ratings mean? What Do MERV and MPR Stand For? MERV and MPR are two different rating systems for HVAC air filters, and their ability ... Continue Reading

Home Ventilation Tips

Home Ventilation Tips

Good ventilation in your home is essential for keeping the air clean and fresh.  It helps to prevent the buildup of indoor air pollutants, such as dust, dirt, and dander.  It helps to prevent the buildup of moisture, which could otherwise lead to mold and musty odors.  Moisture can also cause structural problems, such as warped wood.  But how do you ventilate your home to keep the air, and your home, clean and safe?  Here are a few tips. Spot Ventilation Certain areas of your home are more prone to moisture than others, including your kitchen and your bathroom.  When moisture builds ... Continue Reading

AC Tune Up Tips for Summer

AC Tune Up Tips for Summer

Summer is fast approaching here in Wilmington. If you haven’t already turned on your air conditioner, it’s about to be that time. And when the temperatures become unbearable outdoors, the last thing you want is for your air conditioner to fail. By tuning up your air conditioner, you are sure to stay cool and comfortable all summer long. Change the Filter The air filter in your air conditioner filters out dirt, dust and other debris. In order to keep your air conditioner running efficiently, and your air clean, the filter needs to be changed periodically. It is often recommended to change the ... Continue Reading

what does hvac stand for?

What Does HVAC Stand For?

April 18, 2017
What Does HVAC Stand For? If you own a home, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the acronym “HVAC” thrown around a lot.  You know it has something to do with controlling the temperature in your home, but you may not know exactly what it entails.  As a homeowner, is important for you to understand the acronym, as it is essential to the air quality and comfort in your home. Heating The H in HVAC stands for heating.  There are multiple ways in which heat can be generated through your HVAC system, whether it’s a boiler, a furnace (oil or gas), or a ... Continue Reading

how to find the perfect a/c unit for your home size

How to Find the Perfect A/C Unit for Your Home Size

How to Find the Perfect A/C Unit for Your Home Size Your air conditioner is one of the most important features in your Wilmington home, especially when the temperatures begin to climb.  But, if you’re looking for a new air conditioner for your home, you can’t just go out and buy any old one.  Air conditioners are not a one size fits all kind of appliance.  In order for your home to remain comfortable and cool, you need to make sure you have the right size. Why Size Matters You may be wondering why the size of your air conditioner matters.  When it ... Continue Reading

how air conditioners can cut humidity

How Air Conditioners Can Cut Humidity

How Air Conditioners Can Cut Humidity Spring is well under way in Wilmington, and the temperatures are on the rise.  So, too, are the humidity levels.  In many instances, the humidity is worse than the heat.  Hot, humid days can make you feel miserable.  Fortunately, an efficient air conditioner will not only help to keep the temperature of your home at a comfortable level, it will also greatly help to cut the humidity. Why Cutting Humidity is Important High humidity with warm temperatures is never a good mixture.  Our bodies regulate temperature through perspiration, and as it evaporates, we cool down.  When the ... Continue Reading

Air Conditioning vs Open Windows

Air Conditioning vs Open Windows

Air Conditioning vs Open Windows The weather is warming up in Wilmington, which means it’s time for the age-old debate: turn on the air conditioning or open the windows? With technology making central air conditioning more energy efficient, running your unit during the warm seasons doesn’t cost anything like it used to. However, getting some fresh air into your home also sounds appealing. Opening the windows also sounds like it would be the most cost efficient way to go. But is it really going to save you money? Humid Air Wilmington is located near the ocean, and during the warm seasons, the air ... Continue Reading

energy efficient heaters

5 Benefits of Energy Efficient Heaters

March 28, 2017
Spring is finally here, and the weather in Wilmington is finally warming up. This means that the heater is finally getting a much-needed break. While your heater is probably quickly working its way to the back of your mind, as you focus on opening windows and letting some fresh air in, if you have been contemplating a new one, now is the time. But don’t just go with any home heater. Here are a few benefits of choosing energy efficient heaters. Save Money One of the most obvious benefits of energy efficient heaters is that they help you to save money. The ... Continue Reading

Residential And Commercial Air Conditioning

Differences Between Residential & Commercial Air Conditioning

When the weather warms up in Wilmington, you will turn to your air conditioner to cool things down and make the environment more comfortable.  This applies to your home and your business.  However, not all air conditioners are created equally.  While the end goal is the same, the air conditioning unit used in your home is going to be vastly different from the one needed to cool your business. However, since they are so different, you will need to make sure that you choose a technician who specializes in commercial air conditioning to ensure that your business stays cool all ... Continue Reading

Tips for Maintaining Your Central Heating System

March 27, 2017
Spring is officially here, and you can definitely feel it here in Wilmington.  You can finally turn your heat off as you head outdoors to go enjoy a nice walk in the park, head downtown or even take a trip to the beach.  But just because you no longer need your heat, that doesn’t mean your central heating system should be neglected.  In fact, now that you don’t need it, it is the perfect time to perform a maintenance check, so it will be in tiptop shape when it is inevitably needed once again.  Here are a few tips to ... Continue Reading

Why Should You Upgrade Your Old Thermostat?

March 22, 2017
Your HVAC system runs throughout your entire home, yet it is all controlled by such a small piece of equipment – the thermostat. This piece allows you to easily control the comfort of your home by raising or lowering the temperature. Over the years, you’ve most likely grown accustomed to your thermostat, and are comfortable with it. However, if your thermostat hasn’t been changed out in a while (or ever, that you can remember), it might be time for an upgrade. Manual Thermostat Lacks Accuracy A manual thermostat is any thermostat that operates with the use of a dial or sliding switch. ... Continue Reading

heat pump

5 Interesting Facts About Heat Pumps

February 2, 2017
A heat pump is a central part to many HVAC units, acting as a transporter of warmer air in different directions depending on temperature and season. In this blog post, we'll discuss 5 interesting facts about heat pumps you may not know about. read more Continue Reading

home furnace

Why Is My Furnace Not Working?

Furnace stop working recently in the middle of winter? Don't sweat it! (Well, even if you could sweat)... Almost a quarter of all service calls related to furnaces could be resolved with little or no cost at all with just a few troubleshooting steps. Brinson & Sons has you covered with what to check in order to get your furnace back up and running in no time! read more Continue Reading

commercial HVAC rooftop unit

Commercial HVAC Rooftop Units

January 31, 2017
Jack Brinson & Sons are continuing their legacy of providing top-notch service to the coastal Carolina area. As the busy city of Wilmington continues to grow - we understand that businesses rely on vertical space and features to improve their business infrastructure. That's why in continuing our service to the area, we want to remind our clients of our commercial HVAC rooftop unit offerings! read more Continue Reading

hvac repair

Seasonal HVAC maintenance you can do yourself

January 12, 2017
No one wants their heater to quit working in January (even if you don’t need it every day in Wilmington) and everyone wishes their heating bill would be lower, but what can you do? Although regular maintenance by a professional is always recommended, there are steps you can take as well. Change those filters. This one, simple step can make a big difference. When your filter is clogged and dirty, it restricts air flow, putting unnecessary strain on your heating system. Not only can this lead to costly repairs, it drives up your utility bill. Some manufacturers suggest changing the filter ... Continue Reading

Ways to Stay Warm This Winter

December 30, 2016
We may be at the beach, but that doesn't pardon us from all cold, winter weather. As a matter of fact, because Wilmington experiences such warm weather throughout the year, many homes are unprepared for a the winter months. In this blog post, we'll discuss some of the many ways you can stay warm this winter. read more Continue Reading

New Years Resolution – Save Money

Apart from the jubilant feelings of joy and warm-heartedness we feel post-Christmas day - what else are we thinking about as we quickly approach New Years Day? That's right. You're thinking about how abysmally broke the holiday season has left you. Second only to losing weight, people want to save money as their New Years resolutions, and Brinson & Sons wants to help with these tips. read more Continue Reading

What Are Humidifiers?

December 29, 2016
Humidifiers are becoming increasingly more prevalent in both homes and businesses world-wide. But what do they do exactly? As the name suggests, humidifiers increase the humidity in your home or business by slowly releasing moisture into your home through various means. What options are available for humidifiers and what benefit do they hold? Learn more below. read more Continue Reading

Merry Christmas from Brinson & Sons

December 15, 2016
With Christmas less than two weeks away, Brinson and Sons is getting into the holiday season by celebrating with our family, friends and customers. Christmas is a time of celebration and praise - but it's also a time of cold weather and unexpected heater malfunctions. Keep warm this Christmas year by giving others the gift of reliable, affordable HVAC care from Brinson & Sons. read more Continue Reading

Hampstead Heating and Air

Hampstead Heating and Air

November 27, 2016
Howdy, Hampstead! Brinson and Sons has been dedicated to bringing the best Hampstead Heating and Air services to your area for several decades. You can rely on us because we understand the needs of your area. The historic and culture-rich area of Hampstead is one of our most valued neighbors to the Wilmington area. Contact us for more detailed information about how we can service you! read more Continue Reading

Brinson and Sons HVAC Repairman Promise

Our Wilmington HVAC Repairmen Promise

Before you call a professional for HVAC repair, there are a few preliminary items you can check to ensure your HVAC system does actually need service. Checking these items before calling saves you valuable time and money. If you're unable to self-diagnose the problem, it is Brinson and & Son's Wilmington HVAC repairmen promise. Check the Power Check the Air Filter Check the Thermostat Clean the Condensate Drain read more Continue Reading

Heater repair in Wilmington

Heater Repair

Brinson & Sons has served the Wilmington community, specializing in HVAC repair and installation since 1974. This blog details our heating repair services and how to keep your unit running at its full potential. Having working heat during this time of year is a must! Wilmington may benefit from its typical sunny weather; however, Fall and Winter can pack a surprising punch of cold. read more Continue Reading

Wilmington heating during the holidays

Wilmington Heating During the Holidays

It’s a sub-optimal time to be without heat. Global warming may be on the rise - yet Wilmington locals can look forward to quite a number of freezing nights this holiday season! Brinson and Sons would like to remind our amazing customers why we’re the number one pick for Wilmington Heating and Air!   read more Continue Reading

Leland Heating and Air

October 3, 2016
How’s it going Leland? Brinson and Sons has been dedicated to bringing the best HVAC services to the Leland area for several decades. You can rely on us because we understand the needs of your area. The up-and-coming area of Leland is one of our most valued neighbors to the Wilmington area. Contact us for more detailed information about how we can service you! read more Continue Reading

Wilmington HVAC

Hello Wilmington! Brinson and Sons has been dedicated to bringing the best HVAC services to Wilmington for several decades. You can rely on us because we understand the needs of your area. The beautiful, coastal area of Wilmington is one of our most valued jewels of the southeast. Contact us for more detailed information about how we can service you! read more Continue Reading

HVAC Units

Brinson and Sons offers the best HVAC units and services in the Carolinas. Putting our customers first, we are always finding you new ways to save money. No matter which HVAC service you need, we will do it all. Below are some of our current HVAC unit offers: read more Continue Reading

Heating and Cooling With B&S

Whether you are looking to install a brand new AC unit or repair an existing one, Brinson and Sons is your one stop shop for all your heating and cooling needs. We specialize in providing honest and friendly service to your home or business. Our work ethic is what has led to us being the most comprehensive and reliable AC business in the Carolinas. read more Continue Reading

Porters Neck Heating and Air Specialists

August 31, 2016
Brinson & Sons is Porters Neck heating and air specialist. With over 20 dedicated professionals we have the perfect solution for your Porters Neck home or business. read more Continue Reading

HVAC Repair: Before You Call a Professional

Before you call a professional for HVAC repair, there are a few preliminary items you can check to ensure your HVAC system does actually need service. Checking these items before calling saves you valuable time and money. read more Continue Reading

HVAC Service: The Dos and Don’ts

How you choose to go about HVAC service can have a long-lasting impact on the longevity of your HVAC system. Brinson & Sons wants to ensure each customer gets their money’s worth when they purchase a HVAC system from us. In order to do so, follow our tips on the dos and don’ts of HVAC service. [caption id="attachment_492" align="alignnone" width="718"] Brinson & Sons has qualified technicians that that can repair, replace or install a wide selection of HVAC units at the lowest market price.[/caption] read more Continue Reading

keeping cool wilmington

Keeping Cool in Wilmington

August 3, 2016
It’s hot, too hot. We stand up, drag ourselves lackadaisically to the thermostat and reluctantly (but surely) bump the temperature down a notch or two. There are more creative and energy efficient ways to keep cool, however - and let’s face it, a lot of our time in summer is spent outside or at the beach here in Wilmington, North Carolina. Brinson and Sons has the perfect, quirky solutions to keeping cool in Wilmington. read more Continue Reading

Myrtle Grove Heating and Air

July 31, 2016
Go Gators! Hello Myrtle Grove! Brinson and Sons has been dedicated to being your choice for Myrtle Grove heating and air services for several decades. You can rely on us because we understand the needs of your area. The up-and-coming area of Myrtle Grove is one of our most valued neighbors to the Wilmington area. Contact us for more detailed information about how we can service you! read more Continue Reading

Check Out Our HVAC Systems and Services

Stay cool and save money Brinson and Sons offers the best HVAC systems and services in the Carolinas. Putting our customers first, we are always finding you new ways to save money. No matter which HVAC service you need, we will do it all. read more Continue Reading

How We Make Air Conditioning Service Easy

July 25, 2016
It's easy and practical! Whether you are looking to install a brand new AC unit or repair an existing one, Brinson and Sons is your one stop shop for all air conditioning services. We specialize in providing honest and friendly service to your home or business. Our work ethic is what has led to us being the most comprehensive and reliable AC business in the Carolinas. read more Continue Reading

Central Air Conditioning and You

July 15, 2016
Central air conditioning is vital in hot, humid climates. Central air conditioning is of vital importance in the hot, humid climates of the Carolinas. Rather than cooling rooms with window or wall units, central air conditioning utilizes a single, centralized unit, which is typically housed outside, to cool your home or business with consistent temperatures throughout. These systems utilize ducts to carry cool air to rooms. Once cool air warms as it circulates throughout the area, it returns to the central air conditioner through the ducts to be cooled again. No more unsightly exterior window units; central air units bring money-saving elegance ... Continue Reading

Ogden Heating and Air

June 24, 2016
Hello Ogden, North Carolina! We are your Ogden heating and air specialists. Brinson and Son’s have been serving the Ogden area, and all of New Hanover County, since the 1970’s. Since then, Ogden has grown and become an important neighbor to the Wilmington community. We want to take care of our neighbors and offer the best HVAC services in the area. read more Continue Reading

air conditioning repair

Air Conditioning Repair

June 17, 2016
Losing your air conditioning in the hot, humid, North Carolina summer can be very unpleasant. You want AC service that you can rely on to get your house cool again in no time. Trying to fix it yourself can become costly and very stressful. Let the air conditioning repair specialists at Brinson and Sons help. We know how important it is to maintain a cool environment during the summer and we will get the job done right and have your air conditioning running again in no time. Our services include air conditioner installation, repair, maintenance.  We also offer air duct installation, repair and cleaning if ... Continue Reading

HVAC – Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning

June 3, 2016
Every home in Wilmington needs HVAC. Warm or cool dehumidified air flows through ducts to to all of the rooms in your house using these systems. HVAC systems are what will keep you comfortable in your home on both cold and hot days.   If you're worried about all the energy you are using when you turn on the HVAC system, there's no need to fret. Over the years HVAC systems have improved in energy efficiency. You can actually save money and be comfortable by maintaining your HVAC system. Brinson and Sons Can Help At Brinson and Sons we have qualified technicians that can repair, replace, or ... Continue Reading

Brinson and Son’s Air Conditioning System is The Ultimate Way to Stay Cool

May 30, 2016
Need to beat that summer heat that is fast approaching? Brinson & Sons has got you covered. Living on the coast means fun days on the beach during the summer and who doesn’t like to come home to a cool house after a sweltering day of catching rays? Brinson & Sons offers fast and friendly heating and air conditioning service to residents of Wilmington, North Carolina. Keep Your Air Conditioning System Maintained! Air conditioning is a must have during the warm days of spring and summer. It is important to have your HVAC system maintained and tuned regularly for these reasons: 1.      It will ... Continue Reading

Brinson and Sons Professional Wilmington HVAC repair

May 2, 2016
The Brinson & Sons family has been in the air conditioning and heating repair business since the 70’s.  HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air conditioning and we are your source for experienced and professional Wilmington HVAC repair.  Becoming a professional HVAC repair specialist requires extensive knowledge and training.  Our team has been installing and repairing all types of HVAC related projects for decades and we can tackle any job, big or small. When hiring a Wilmington HVAC repair company, it is important to find the company that has highly, trained, experienced and knowledgeable HVAC technicians.  Heating and air conditioning needs ... Continue Reading

Get Ready For Summer with our Wilmington AC Repair  

March 24, 2016
Brinson & Sons Wilmington AC repair is always around, whether its fall, winter or spring time.  Spring is here, even though it may not feel like it just yet.  Spring is a great time of year; perfect weather, open windows, sometimes one doesn’t even think about using their air conditioner. Wilmington AC repair is not on anyone’s mind… but it should be.  The weather is wonderful now but summer is just around the corner.  Unless you are wintering in the Deep South, most people in North Carolina don’t even think about using their AC until summertime, or at least late ... Continue Reading

Professional Preventitive HVAC Repair in Wilmington

March 16, 2016
Brinson and Sons is considered the #1 HVAC repair service in the Wilmington, NC area.  Benjamin Franklin’s saying…“An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” is so true when it comes to your heating and air conditioning units.  It is so much better to take care to be certain both are running properly before the weather changes and you have to have them.  A maintenance plan that heads off unforeseen problems is always a wise move when it comes to both your heat and air conditioning systems.  Brinson and Sons is the service leader in preventative maintenance plans, ... Continue Reading

Special HVAC Offers

Heating Repair in Wilmington

January 14, 2016
Brinson & Sons has served the Wilmington community, specializing in HVAC repair and installation since 1974. This blog details our heating repair services and how to keep your unit running at its full potential. Heating Repair Whether you're looking to heat your home or place of business, you need a unit that you can depend on. If you're looking to buy a new unit, visit our HVAC page, however as we well know, life happens and these things can malfunction. When it does, our HVAC technicians will be on the scene to get you back up and running. There are always a ... Continue Reading

Commercial Heating and Air Services

Winterizing Your HVAC Unit

December 10, 2015
This Christmas, Brinson & Sons wants you to be warm in your home! We are the leading experts of Heating Repair and Heating Installation for the Wilmington, NC area. We take pride in being there for our customers when it counts. Winterizing your HVAC is important. There are a few preventative measures homeowners can take to prepare their homes this winter. Winterization in Wilmington Many have heard the term, "Winterization" but don't truly understand what it means. Winterization is process of protecting your HVAC unit for when the warm summer air fades and introduces the new cool winter air. There a few factors ... Continue Reading

Winter is Heating Up

November 2, 2015
With Halloween approaching the Fall season is in full effect. The air is becoming more crisp and discolored leaves now hang by a thread on the trees. Winter not quite be here yet, but it is on its way and when it arrives, you'll be cutting your heat on.   Brinson & Sons strives to be the leading Heating Installation and Heating Repair provider to residents throughout the greater Wilmington area. Brinson is regarded as the #1 HVAC experts for heating repair, service and installation of pumps & heating systems. What HVAC Systems Brinson & Sons Carries Brinson & Sons repairs and installs systems like- Carrier, ... Continue Reading

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