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How to Choose the Best HVAC System for Your Home


Choosing an HVAC unit for your home is no easy task. It is best to speak to your contractor about specifics of what your home might need, but to also educate yourself on how to choose the best unit. Here are a few tips to help you along the way.


As with any major purchase, you should consider your budget while choosing an HVAC system for your home. However, you also want to be sure to get the most for your money. This could mean spending a little more than you wanted if that means that you will save money over time by buying the more energy efficient model, as they tend to last longer and require fewer repairs over time. There are many factors to consider, so be sure you educate yourself on the different types of systems and speak with your contractor about what he/she thinks will work best for our home, as well as their installation costs. When thinking in terms of your budget you should consider both the cost of the HVAC system and the installation costs.

Cooling and Heating Capabilities

Other than the general fact that your new HVAC system should be able to cool and heat your home effectively, you might also want to consider those capabilities in regards to the climate of where you live. For example, if you live in Florida, the cooling capacity will be much more important to you than the heating and vice versa should you happen to live in Alaska. While traditional HVAC systems have excellent capacities to both cool and heat your home, if your focus is on one over the other, there are models available that you might want to consider.


While the sizing is a factor your contractor can help you determine, you should also understand that the sizing of your system plays a major role in which system you should choose. This is because the size of your home will determine the sizing of your HVAC system, as a large home would need a larger unit, and vice versa.  You don’t want to make the mistakes of buying a unit that is too small for your home and having it work ineffectively.

Quality Matters

As mentioned above, your budget should be a deciding factor in the HVAC unit you choose but you should also consider the quality. It might pay off in the long run to buy a higher quality, more energy efficient model to be sure that you are getting the very best out of this purchase.

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