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Commercial HVAC Rooftop Units

Jack Brinson & Sons are continuing their legacy of providing top-notch service to the coastal Carolina area. As the busy city of Wilmington continues to grow – we understand that businesses rely on vertical space and features to improve their business infrastructure. That’s why in continuing our service to the area, we want to remind our clients of our commercial HVAC rooftop unit offerings!

commercial HVAC rooftop unit

What are the benefits of commercial HVAC rooftop units?

Rooftop HVAC units are becoming increasingly more popular as their benefits become more well-known. One of those benefits is the flexibility of these units. Unlike ground-level units, rooftop HVAC units typically come in more modular designs where they can be added to or modified to coincide with the changes of your business. Another benefit may be obvious, but still deserves a mention. Rooftop units save ground space, too! You no longer have to worry about unsightly metal boxes tarnishing outside landscaping.

Rooftop units will also lessen noise pollution around your business by moving them away from earshot. These units will be safe from vandalization and elemental forces like dirt, too. Dirt, dust and other debris will slowly build in ground units more quickly than their more elevated counterparts.

The improved performance of rooftop units will aid in helping your business save money and stay more comfortable. We can help you implement indoor, programmable thermostats that can be modified to reflect seasonal changes and occupancy.

Rooftop units are also easier to maintain by professionals like us. This is because of the ease of access they provide. A technician does not need to enter the building, nor must he or she search the property for “hiding” units. Additionally, because of their form factor, rooftop HVAC units are easier to install and come pre-assembled.

Brinson & Sons quality promise

Not only will we maintain your existing rooftop HVAC units, but we will also install them! We are confident we can provide you the best service from start to finish than any other HVAC provider in town. You can also choose from one of our many comprehensive maintenance plans to ensure your unit is kept in the best shape possible – saving you time, money, and many, many headaches down the road. Because of precipitation like rain, hail and snow – it’s especially important that these units are seen semi-regularly from one of our professionals.


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