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Differences Between Residential & Commercial Air Conditioning

Residential And Commercial Air Conditioning

When the weather warms up in Wilmington, you will turn to your air conditioner to cool things down and make the environment more comfortable.  This applies to your home and your business.  However, not all air conditioners are created equally.  While the end goal is the same, the air conditioning unit used in your home is going to be vastly different from the one needed to cool your business. However, since they are so different, you will need to make sure that you choose a technician who specializes in commercial air conditioning to ensure that your business stays cool all summer long.


In most instances, your business is much larger than your home, and there are far more people within its walls.  As such, you are going to need a commercial air conditioner that can handle not only the size of your building but also accommodate the number of people inside.  Much like a residential air conditioner needs to be sized appropriately for comfort, efficiency, and the life of the unit, so, too, does the unit for your business.  Correct sizing requires a technician skilled in commercial air conditioning.


Residential air conditioners are located on the ground, outside of your home.  Commercial air conditioners are also located outdoors. However, they are located on the roof.  As these air conditioners are much larger, the roof supplies ample space (rather than taking up valuable space on the ground) and protects the system from vandalism.  It also allows for your commercial air conditioning technician to service the unit without disrupting business.

Packaged Vs. Split Systems

Residential air conditioners are split.  The compressor, condenser, and condenser unit are located outdoors, while the unit indoors holds the blower, evaporator, and condensate drainage.  Commercial air conditioning units, on the other hand, are a single, packaged system.  The only things you will find indoors are the ducts and the zone dampers.

Modular Vs. Standalone Units

Home air conditioning units are standalone.  Both the indoor and outdoor units work together to cool your home.  They cannot be built upon.  Moreover, should a major part of the unit break, the whole system needs to be replaced.  Commercial air conditioning units, on the other hand, are modular.  They can be modified as necessary.  They can be expanded or reduced in size to accommodate the needs of your business.  Individual pieces can be replaced.  Because modular systems are so different from standalone units, they require a different type of expertise.


It should not come as too much of a surprise, but because of their size and modular setup, commercial air conditioning units are more complex than residential ones.  They need to cool more space; therefore, the drainage system requires more parts.  The drainage systems are more detailed, and commercial air conditioners have extra components to help with exhaust.

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