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How to Fight Allergies with Your HVAC

When you have allergies, everyday activities can be inhibited by a flare up. There are ways to help yourself feel better when your allergies are acting up, but did you know there are also ways to fight allergies with your HVAC system? You’ve probably never thought about your HVAC system being a deterrent to your allergies, but it’s true! Find out more about how you can fight allergies with your HVAC system and start breathing better today!

Circulation Control

The things floating around in the air in your home play the most major role in your
allergies. These particles can include dust, pet hair and dander, pollen, and other debris
that can seep through the air filter, or clog it, and cause the air in your home to wreak
havoc on your allergies. Breathing in these particles is not healthy for anyone, let alone
for allergy sufferers. To prevent this from occurring, be sure to change your air filter out
every two or three months, to make sure that it stays clear of this type of debris and
filters only the clean and good air throughout your home.

Humidity Matters

The levels of humidity in your home can also impact your allergies. This is because
increased humidity levels create a breeding ground for mildew, mold, and other allergy
reactant properties. In order to keep the humidity levels at a normal rate, you should
dehumidify your home. Your HVAC system cannot do its job if the humidity levels inside
the home are too high. If you begin to notice fog on the windows or mold in certain moist
or dark areas, it is time to dehumidify! This task can be aided along and accomplished
by having your system maintained by a technician, the ductwork cleaned, and the whole
system checked for efficiency. This will inevitably help your HVAC system do its job
properly and clear your home of any harmful mold and mildew.


As mentioned above, maintenance can help your HVAC system functioning properly.
Routine and regular maintenance should be completed by a professional HVAC
technician that is trained to clean and inspect HVAC systems and make any necessary
repairs. Regular maintenance can help prevent any major repairs before they occur,
allowing you to breathe easy in the comfort of your home, allergy free!

Implement these strategies and tips to create an allergy-free home you can enjoy!

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