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Fire Up the Furnace and Winterize Your Home

The time to fire up the furnace has arrived. If your furnace was professionally turned, you likely will have no issues turning it on for the first time this year. However, if your furnace hasn’t been touched since spring, some basic preparations may need to be done prior to its first heating cycle of the year.


First Time Firing Up the Furnace

Your furnace collects dust after months of inactivity. Also, as your air conditioner is used less and less, the ducts and vents quickly fill with dust. When the furnace is switched on for the first time, dust particles tend to burn away. If the odor of burning dust is bothersome, open a window. The odor will come and go with good circulation. Contact an HVAC professional if the odor lingers for hours.


Change the Furnace Filter

It can be easy for homeowners to forget to change the furnace filter after many weeks of little HVAC activity. Do your home and furnace a favor by replacing the dirty and clogged filter.


Tidy-Up Furnace Area

Check the area where your furnace is located for items that may have been placed there during the cooling season. Leaving items propped against your furnace, such as flammable materials, can pose a fire hazard.


Test Thermostat

Although your thermostat may have worked fine during the cooling months, it pays to examine it for accuracy while in heating mode. Go room to room with a digital thermometer to check if your home is warming up accurately.


Winter is Almost Here

Once the furnace is ready to go, continue winterizing your home with these crucial steps:

wilmington nc heating and air

Once the furnace is ready to go, continue winterizing your home with these crucial steps:

Weather Stripping

Every window and door should have some sort of weather stripping. Elements and time tend to take a toll, leaving it cracked or peeled. Replace any damaged weather stripping you find to avoid cold drafts.


Inspect and Clean Chimney

If you intend on using a wood-burning fireplace this cold season, call a professional to inspect and clean your chimney prior to your first fire.


Trim Trees

Trim any trees that could potentially fall through your windows or onto power lines if they break. Lose limbs can easily break from the weight of ice.

Test Carbon Monoxide Detectors

A common cause of carbon monoxide leaks is cracked furnace heat exchangers. Be sure at least one carbon monoxide detector is located on each floor during the heating months. Test your detectors monthly.


Emergency Kit

In the event of a power outage, a 3-day supply of non-perishable food and fresh water, batteries, flashlight, medical supplies, and blanket should be stored.


If your furnace is overdue for a tune-up or you need professional assistance with heating repair in Wilmington NC season, contact us today.


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