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Heater Repair

Brinson & Sons has served the Wilmington community, specializing in HVAC repair and installation since 1974. This blog details our heating repair services and how to keep your unit running at its full potential.

Having working heat during this time of year is a must! Wilmington may benefit from its typical sunny weather; however, Fall and Winter can pack a surprising punch of cold.

Heater repair in Wilmington

Heating Repair

If you have your family over this holiday season, it’s imperative that your heat is in working order. If you’re looking to buy a new unit, visit our HVAC page, however as we well know, life happens and these things can malfunction. When it does, our HVAC technicians will be on the scene to get you back up and running. There are always a few tell-tale signs that you may be able to identify yourself before calling us, this blog details some of those signs.

Identifying Tepid Air

When there is no air coming from the heating system, it’s clear there is an issue, however Tepid Air is a bit more misleading. Tepid Air is air that flows from the heating unit but might fell more brisk, because the air itself is not actually being heated. There are multiple reasons why Tepid Air may be flowing through the unit, once you’ve identified this as the problem, call us and we can work with you to diagnose the problem. Don’t let a small problem grow into a larger one.

Another sign to be on the lookout for is odors. Assuming you haven’t arranged a dispersing scent to your commercial or residential space, no smell should be emitting from the registers or vents of your heating system. When it comes to heating repair, you’ll want to beware of burning scents, and when this arises, you’re going to want to call us. Again you don’t want a small problem to turn into a larger one, and here’s why.

Keep Your Utility Payment Low

Increased, high bill statements. These issues, or other minor issues can often lead to an excessive monthly bill. When your system is forced to work overtime it subsequently uses more energy and can have a hefty effect on your utilities payment. If the high bills don’t get you, these minor malfunctions may cause your heating system to break beyond repair. If it does, you’ll be forced to buy an entirely unit.

Wilmington’s Leading Heating Repair

So monitor your heating unit and keep this machine running healthy. These are just a few tips that may help you identify a problem, but when the day arises that you need a repair fix, call the trusted professionals at Brinson & Sons. The most trusted name in HVAC Installation and Repair for the Wilmington area. Contact us now to learn more about our heating repairs!

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Back in 1974, before company mission statements were in vogue, Jack Brinson started his heating and air company with one objective – treat every customer with the personal and professional care they deserve. From new installation to system replacement to service and repair, our team of heating and air professionals will do it like it’s their own home. Our rapid response time is designed with your comfort in mind. That’s the quality of service you can expect. After all, Jack wouldn’t have it any other way.