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The History of Home Heating

Keeping your home warm is something that you probably do today very easily. With the flip of a switch, you can have heat pouring through your home on those cold winter mornings. It wasn’t always that easy. Heating your home has gone through a variety of methods and type of heat throughout the years. What you use today is not what your ancestors used to heat their homes in the past. Here is a look back at the history of home heating and how we came to utilize the central HVAC service you know and love today.


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In the ancient times, the fire was used for cooking and it is believed it was also used in a controlled way to heat the areas where people lived. They may have used hearths and controlled fireplace areas to keep the area where they slept warm and cozy.

Greeks and Radiant Heat

In the excavated temple areas in Rome, it was found that they used radiant heating to help warm the areas where they lived. Flues in the ground were discovered to help circulate the heat that was given off from the central fire they had going.

Wood Burning Stoves and Furnaces

These types of heating methods were actually not too long ago. Many people in the 70’s and 80’s still had a wood burning stove in their home that would be used to warm the house or the central living areas. You could put some firewood in the stove, light it up and the warmth would permeate the home to keep you cozy.

Other Heating Types

Throughout the year’s many types of heating devices have played part in the home. There was the Franklin stove that was much more efficient than other types of stoves. An electric heater was developed by Thomas Edison. Alice Parker was the one who first invented the central heating system that you have come to know and use today.

Since the development of the central HVAC unit, there have also been developments using solar power to heat your home and also geothermal energy to heat your home as well. Technology has come a long way from the old methods of fire and stoves to heat your home. Now you can control the temperature in your home from your smartphone without even being in your house to do so.

Heating your home helps you to stay warm and comfortable when the bitter cold temperatures hit. If you’re in need of routine maintenance or repairs on your current heating system, be sure to call Brinson and Sons to make sure you’re ready for those drops in temperature.

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