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How House Plants Help to Clean Indoor Air

If you constantly feel as though you are breathing in air that is not as clean as it could be, cleaning is not always the answer. The answer could be easier than you think. Many plants are beneficial in cleaning the air in your home and can also add a nice ambiance and flair by being decorative as well. If you are tired of purchasing cleaning products and other equipment in order to breathe clean air, read further to find out more about how plants can help rectify home heating and air Wilmington NC issues for you.

Plants are helpful for purifying the air due to their absorbent nature. The leaves on plants are very porous and can absorb gas, toxins, and chemicals and remove them from the air, leaving it cleaner and healthier for you to breathe. Clean air in your home is important, as indoor air pollutants have been known to be more present in homes today than ever. You might not realize that the air you are breathing every day is laden with air pollutants that can be removed with the assistance of plants. This is important for your overall health by reducing headaches, infections, and other irritations and problems that can occur as a result. For more information on air quality, checkout our featured specials on our website.

Indoor plants can not only absorb toxins and chemicals in the air, they also help increase the amount of oxygen in the air.

Specific Plants

There are many plants that you can add to your home to help clean the air, but the following are a few of the most common and easy to care for. The aloe plant is very helpful in increasing the amount of oxygen that can circulate throughout your home. Aloe is great at absorbing many harmful substances in the air as well, such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, and formaldehyde. You can also place rubber plants throughout your home, which is very easy to care for. Just be careful if you have an animal, as the leaves are harmful if consumed. Rubber plants also absorb harmful substances in the air and are especially prone to absorbing formaldehyde. Peace lilies and English ivy are other helpful plants that absorb chemicals and toxins in the air. English Ivy can also absorb feces in the air.

If all of this sounds like an easy fix to getting the air in your home clean and breathable, head out to your local garden store and pick up a few of the plants mentioned and start breathing cleaner today! We have a new year clean air initiative, contact us today for details on our current promotion!

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