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Keeping Cooling Costs low in your Commercial Property

With the summer heat, keeping your commercial property cool is very
important. However, cooling such large properties can cost a fortune if you
are not careful. Here are some helpful tips to keep your costs low!

  1. Reduce the lighting
    Encourage your employees to turn off the lights when they are not in the room or
    building. This will keep spaces cool as well as cut electricity costs.
  2. Set your office equipment to switch to sleep-mode when not in use
    Most office equipment, such as printers and copiers, have sleep-modes that can be
    set to automatically come on when the equipment has not been used for a while.
    Since those machines generate a lot of heat when in use, switching to sleep-mode
    will reduce the heat they generate, therefore reducing the cost of cooling the
  3. Install energy efficient lighting
    While efficient lighting is better for the environment and will cut your electricity
    costs, it also generates less heat. Therefore, installing energy efficient lightbulbs will
    reduce the heat generated by the lights, thus reducing cooling costs.
  4. Encourage use of natural light and fans
    Apart from efficient lighting, you should encourage natural light by installing large
    windows and encouraging employees to open the blinds before they turn on the
    lights. This will keep the heat from lights at a minimum as well as cut electric costs.
    Also, install fans in your property and encourage employees to use them so you can
    keep your AC unit at a higher temperature while still staying cool.
  5. Keep your vents unobstructed
    It may seem simple, but it is overlooked very often. Make sure that your vents are
    completely unobstructed so that the air has a clear passage. This will help reduce
    the work your AC unit has to do as well as allow for better circulation and cooling.

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