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How to Know it’s Time to Have Your Air Conditioner Replaced

Air Conditioner Replaced

Is it time to have your air conditioner replaced?

The health of your air conditioning system is probably not something you think about too often, as long as it’s doing its job. However, if you have begun to think about your air conditioning system more than usual, chances are that is because you have been experiencing some issues with it. It might be time to think about replacing the unit with a newer and improved unit. A unit that is more energy efficient and effective will be well worth your time and effort to replace the current unit. Take a look at some signs that indicate it’s time to have your air conditioner replaced.


A general rule of thumb is that if the air conditioning unit is more than 10 years old, it will need replacing soon. If you have taken good care of the unit, it will typically last around 15 years. Also, it makes sense to replace the unit rather than repair it, as the repair costs will likely be more than the unit is actually worth. So if your air conditioning unit falls into the ‘older age’ category, you might want to look in to replacing it with a more energy efficient model.

Functioning Inconsistently

Another sure sign that your air conditioning unit needs to be replaced is when it is not working properly. This could mean a number of things such as improper cooling of your home, a rise in humidity throughout the house, clogged ductwork, system works one day and not the next, etc. This could also mean that your air conditioning system is making a lot of noise that you haven’t heard before or that you have noticed more dust around your home than usual. If you are experiencing any of these issues with your system, it could be time to replace it.

Too Many Breakdowns

If you have recently been having too many breakdowns or concerns with your air conditioning system and continue to pay for repairs, then it is definitely time to consider a replacement unit. You should always consider the cost of the repairs in comparison to the cost of a replacement unit that shouldn’t need any repairs for several years. If the amount you are paying in repairs on a monthly basis due to a faulty air conditioning system is more than what a new unit would cost over time, you will save yourself more money and stress if you simply replace the system.

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