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Learn About the Next Big Breakthroughs in HVAC Efficiency

Residents throughout the United States benefit from improving energy efficiency. Carbon pollution and our reliance on fossil fuel are decreased by reducing the amount of energy we consume. Furthermore, the costs for powering our appliances is reduced by using less electricity and gas. In this article, we will discuss the next big breakthroughs in HVAC service and repair efficiency.

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Smart Home

Smart technology is crucial in the advancement of home efficiency. An HVAC unit can be controlled and customized for comfort with smart thermostats while also allowing you to save energy. According to the Department of Energy (DOE), the next step is sensor systems which can accurately examine the surrounding conditions and tweak your air conditioning and heat to a greater degree.


Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are already known to be efficient. Nevertheless, gas-powered heat pumps are in development, with much fewer carbon emissions. In addition to reducing carbon emissions, more efficient heat pumps will reduce energy costs as well.


High Tech Windows

The amount of heating and cooling a home requires is influenced by its window systems. Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory is developing new technology that improves a window’s air sealing properties. Also included, automatic sensors with the ability to shade the windows to block out or take advantage of the sun’s excess heat.


Improvements in Insulations

The main method for conserving energy with both heating and air conditioning is insulation. There is development in advanced foam insulation which will create an improved buffer between the interior conditions and exterior conditions. The advanced foam insulation will be aimed at using only environmentally friendly materials.


Reflecting Roofs

The next big breakthrough in HVAC efficiency includes the development of reflective roofs. The amount of heat penetrating into the house is greatly influenced by roofing technology. The number of solar rays allowed to penetrate into the home will be reduced in the future with reflective roofs. By turning away the sun’s rays, less energy will be needed to keep your house cool during the hot weather, resulting in lower energy costs.


Although most of these advancements in technology are still under development, the most efficient technology already in existence should be used for heating and cooling your home. Contact an HVAC expert to discuss the best ways to heat and cool your home.

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