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How Long Will My Hot Water Heater Last?

Identifying the age of your hot water heater as well as the condition can help you understand when the time has come to replace it. In addition to the timely heat pump installation, energy bills can be reduced, and no interruption in hot water access.

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Average Lifespan

On average, a typical tank-type water heater lasts eight to twelve years. An anode rod, located on the inside of the tank, uses a process called electrolysis to attract all corrosive materials to itself. Materials settle on the bottom of the tank, destroying the inside lining once the anode has reached the point of corrosion where it no longer functions. The water heater’s final stage of life is entered when corrosion begins inside the tank.


On the other hand, tankless water heaters may last up to twenty years, possibly longer. Tankless heaters last longer because they do not constantly save a supply of hot water; although they also will experience corrosion necessitating a replacement.


Water and Location

Location and water quality can have an effect on the lifespan of a water heater. The service life can be reduced by two years due to hard water. Also, water heaters located in crawl spaces and garages during the cold temperatures can have a significant impact on how hard it needs to work, therefore, reducing the lifespan.


In addition to age, the following signs may indicate a new hot water heater is needed:


Tinted Water

While using your home’s hot water tap, does it appear to be somewhat tinted? If yes, it is possible that rust is in your water heater, indicating a sign of corrosion and may begin to leak.


Rumbling or Banging Noises

Warming up of the buildup of hard water residue and possibly exploding the water heater causes your water heater to make strange noises indicating the possible end of life.


Moistness or Pooling Water

Thoroughly inspect the area surrounding the base of the water heater for possible dampness. This is a possible sign of a slow or infrequent leak.

First, check if the leak came from a valve or fitting needing adjustment or replacement. If yes, contact a professional for service.


Temperature Drop

If you begin to notice your water no longer heats up as it should, or runs out faster, this may be a sign the water heater is nearing the end of its life.


If you are reaching the end of your water heater’s service life, contact one of our local Wilmington NC hvac professionals to discuss options.

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