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Monthly HVAC Maintenance to Keep Your System Running All Year

Now that you have your HVAC system installed, you have to keep monthly
maintenance in mind. Here are some tips to help you keep your HVAC system
running smoothly all year!

  1. Replace your air filter every 90 days
    This is a super simple one! By replacing you air filter every 90 days at least, you can
    prevent hair, dirt, and debris from clogging up your system.
  2. Turn off water to humidifier in the summer and turn it on in the fall
    Another simple monthly maintenance tip is caring for your humidifier. In the
    summer, turn the water off to the system and in the fall, replace the filter and turn
    the water back on.
  3. Inspect the insulation, belts, and pulleys, and replace as needed
    Every month, you should inspect your system for damage. Focus mainly on the
    insulation and the mechanics. If either are worn or damaged, be sure to replace
    them to keep your HVAC system up and running.
  4. Clear the drain lines and pans
    Every month, you should make sure to clear your drain lines and pans of dirt and
    debris. This will keep your system clean and running smooth.
  5. Inspect the control box
    Lastly, you should inspect your control box on your system monthly. If there are any
    dials or fuses that are worn or damaged, be sure to replace them as to not damage
    your system.

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