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Are Your Pets Running up Your Energy Bills?

In many homes, pets are considered to be beloved family members. However, pets can be costly as well, in ways that you might never have considered. Many people wind up paying more for their energy costs due to their pets in addition to veterinary care and food. Continue reading to learn why, and how you can prevent costs associated with heating and cooling in Wilmington NC from getting too steep.


Ensuring Your Pets Happiness

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According to a poll by E.ON, to keep their pets both comfortable and entertained while away from home, more than fifty percent of all households located in the United Kingdom turned on their television or radio and kept their heat turned on. Although no data is available for North America with this same type of data, we understand most readers know someone who shares these same habits. It can be reasonably assumed; energy bills are higher for homeowners with pets in the United States due to the hot summers and cold winters where both heat and air conditioning might be used to ensure their pet’s happiness.


The poll conducted by E.ON found that forty percent of all cat owners and fifty percent of dog owners heated their home more than they otherwise would have. Also, more than a quarter of all pet owners left the radio turned on while away from home. Pet owners between 18 and 24 years of age were almost twice as likely as ones over 55 to keep their heat on, and 64 percent of men and 44 percent of women admitted to turning up their heat for their dogs.  


Moving Toward Warmth


Thankfully, paying higher energy bills for heating and air conditioning is not always needed to ensure your pet’s comfort. Become aware of your pet’s behavior, cats tend to move toward warm areas of the house, such as heating vents and sunny windows, where turning up the heat is not necessary. Also, the majority of dogs have the ability to comfortably manage lower temperatures than people.


A spokesperson for EON says there are several things pet owners can do, such as investing in a timer. When you leave, set the timer for thirty minutes, giving your cat or dog plenty of time to happily entertain themselves. Also, animals are very smart and know where the warm and cool areas are located in the house. Unless it is extremely hot or cold weather, it is not necessary to go through any extra trouble to make them comfortable. Animals are made for the outdoors.


Safe and Healthy Pets


Although it is not necessary to go to extra lengths, it is important that you provide your pets with a safe space protected from extreme temperatures, wind, and rain. If you are in need of  heating and cooling service in Wilmington NC to ensure your pet’s comfort, contact an HVAC professional today.


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