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Sounds That Signal HVAC Trouble

Sounds That Signal HVAC Trouble
Your air conditioner has an important job.  Now that the temperatures are on the rise in Wilmington, you rely on your air conditioner to keep your home cool and comfortable.  One of the best parts of your air conditioner is that it does its job in a relatively quiet manner, and most of the sounds you do hear are completely normal.  Some noises, however, are not normal, and can signal trouble for your HVAC unit.


If you hear a loud banging or clanking sound, it’s often an indication that there is a problem with the blower assembly, or the motor.  Should you hear something that sounds like a rattling, it usually points to something coming loose or disconnected.  Calling a professional right away will ensure that the loose piece is taken care of before it completely falls off, leading to expensive damages.


Some clicking is normal, and occurs when your HVAC turns on or shuts off.  However, a consistent clicking sound, one that continues while the unit is running, indicates a problem.  This sound often points to a defective relay.  It may also be an electrical control problem, which could be causing the relay to fail.


A squealing sound coming from the blower motor can point to either an issue with a belt or with the motor bearing.  Belts are not expensive, but they should be replaced when failing.  Otherwise, your fan will no longer blow, and your air conditioner will run constantly, spiking your energy bills.  If the sound is more like a scream, it could indicate a failing compressor.  Humming points more toward a failing starting capacitor.  Make sure that you address any of these sounds as soon as possible to prevent this problem from occurring.


If you hear a smacking sound, or something that sounds reminiscent of cards being shuffled, when your fan is running, it’s a good indication that something is stuck in the fan blades.  It could also mean that there is a part inside of the housing that is making contact with the fan blades while they are spinning.  This may not be a serious problem, but it should still be addressed.  If the object is creating resistance and friction, it could cause your fan to wear out prematurely.

Becoming familiar with the sounds your air conditioner makes when it’s running normally is important.  This way, you can distinguish when a sound indicates a problem.  If your HVAC is making strange noises, call Brinson and Sons today!

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