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Tankless Water Heaters vs. Traditional Water Heaters

Before we get into the comparison of which water heater is better, you should have a clear understanding of the type of water heater you currently have and how it works.


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Traditional Water Heater


Conventional water heaters, also recognized as storage water heaters, and these are the typical water heaters used.  The tanks are insulated and can hold anywhere around to 120 gallons of water. The water is heated by gas burners (gas water heater) or electric heating elements (electric water heater). Electric traditional water heaters consistently lose heat even though they are insulated where the gas water heaters are able to replenish the lost heat because of the constant burning of the pilot flame.


Tankless Water Heaters


Tankless water heaters, also called demand water heaters, were created to address the running out of hot water issue and overall heat loss. The way they work is these water heaters very rarely run out of hot water. They are designed to keep producing hot water as long as water is available.




Both water heaters provide hot water to homes and spaces, but there are some fundamental differences. Here are some of the pros and cons of a traditional and tankless water tank.


Tankless Water Heater Pros and Cons



  • Tankless water heaters give off constant hot water
  • Provide energy savings
  • Never run out of hot water
  • More savings on monthly bills
  • Can last up to 20 years which is substantially longer than the traditional version



  • Requires a much larger burner to keep water hot at all times.
  • The supply line for propane or natural gas must be much larger than those of storage water heater to supply energy to such a large burner.
  • Can only be put in certain locations for the water heater to work at its best.
  • Electric tankless water heaters require a large current flow which could be expensive.

Traditional Water Heater Pros and Cons



  • Gas burners are small and use less energy
  • Lower installation cost
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy to replace
  • Gas powered can still work in a power outage



  • Hot water is limited
  • Energy bills are higher in the winter
  • Shorter life span
  • Water not as fresh as tankless water hater
  • Higher possibility of leaking issues


Determining the right water heater should be based on your needs, situation, and priorities. If it is time to change your water heater, a professional can help you decide which water heater will work best for you.


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