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How to Tell if Your Furnace is Short Cycling

Short cycling is the term used for when the furnace comes on and off repeatedly over a brief period. The temperature in your home remains at a comfortable level by the furnace cycling on and off. The cycle is controlled by the thermostat. The furnace turns on to heat the home once the temperature falls beneath a certain degree and remains on until the desired degree is reached.

Reasons for Short Cycling

Too Powerful

Homeowners everywhere want their rooms quickly warmed up by their furnace, but most prefer these spaces are economically heated. That is why it is vital for heating and air repair technician to consider the size of both the furnace and space. Too much energy will be consumed while heating your house to the thermostat setting with an oversized furnace. This can also result in the warm air not distributing properly causing your furnace to turn on and off again after too brief a period.

Short cycling will cause your monthly energy costs to significantly rise, and more wear and tear will be placed on your HVAC fan causing it to break prematurely.


Your furnace may be protecting itself from damage due to overheating by turning off prematurely. An overheating furnace can possibly create cracks in the heat exchanger, which can be deadly. Carbon monoxide may leak into your home from cracked heat exchangers, posing an immediate danger to life. Even if short cycling due to overheating, cracks can occur. It is crucial to contact HVAV professionals if this may be occurring.

Restricted airflow is usually the cause of overheating. This may be due to a dirty air filter or possibly the interior vents or roof exhaust vent is blocked.

Your home’s furnace receives all its commands from the thermostat. Several things may occur if your thermostat is malfunctioning. It may begin to short cycle, it might remain on at all times, or it may not start at all. Contact an HVAC professional who can check out your thermostat if you believe that is your problem.

Short cycling can occur if a thermostat is improperly installed near an important heat source, such as a big sunny window or a stove as well. The thermostat may believe your home is too warm, resulting in short cycling.

Short cycling gives your HVAC system significant wear and tear and it also reduces energy efficiency. If you think your furnace is short cycling, contact a Wilmington NC HVAC service expert today.

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