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Tips for HVAC Maintenance: Pet Owner Edition

Having a furry friend in your house adds life and fun to a home. However, they
can cause damage to yout HVAC system. In the case of keeping your HVAC
running smoothly with pets in the home, it’s all about prevention. Following
are 5 simple ways to prevent permanent damage to your HVAC system.

  1. Groom your pet often
    One super easy way to keep your HVAC clean and running smoothly is by grooming
    your pet often. This will prevent stray hairs and dander from clogging up your HVAC
  2. Maintain your air filters
    Another simple way to prevent your HVAC system from getting damaged from pet
    hair and dander is by maintaining your air filters. By cleaning them out regularly,
    you will keep hair and dander from clogging up and damaging your whole system.
  3. Seal your ducts
    To keep hair and dander out of your system, make sure to seal all ducts. Not only
    will this prevent air from escaping, it will also keep pet hair and dander out of your
    ducts, and consequently your HVAC system.
  4. Cover your condenser unit
    Although your condenser unit is generally outside, pets and other animals can still
    damage it. They may find it and urinate in it or get debris in it, causing damage to
    your system. Make sure there is a fence or some other protection around it to keep
    your pets away.
  5. Regular maintenance from professionals
    Last but not least, regular maintenance from the professionals at Brinson and Sons
    will prevent any pet damage as well as any other damage from hurting your HVAC
    system. Set up an appointment today!

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