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Ways to Stay Cool This Summer


There is no question that we all love summer and all the fun activities it brings. But what about when you’re at home and you just can’t beat the heat? If you are experiencing high temperatures within your home due to the summer heat, this article is for you. Find out some tips on how to cool off and relax in your home, even during the unbearable heat of summer.


Making sure that your home is properly insulated is a great way to stay cool this summer. Before the summer months approach, take some extra time to check your home for any leaks that could let out the cool air from your home. Typical areas in your home that can let air escape are doorways, windows, crawl spaces, and attics. If you find that your home isn’t properly insulated in these areas, you can add insulation yourself by caulking around windows or adding spray foam insulation in the attic and other spaces. Of course you can always hire a professional to do the job for you.

Block out the light

While we all enjoy the sunshine streaming in through windows and lighting up the room, it does add heat to your home. If you want to stay extra cool this summer, try keeping your blinds closed or curtains drawn, especially if you aren’t going to be home throughout the day. Doing so will block out the light that can create extra heat throughout the day, thus keeping your home cool for the evening hours.

Let in the night air

Even during the summer, it is not uncommon for most areas of the country to experience a dip in the temperatures once the sun goes down. If you can, open the windows of your home to let in the night breeze while you sleep. You can also create a wind tunnel if you have windows or doorways that are facing each other and keep them open, allowing the air to create a nice and refreshing cross breeze.

Change your sheets

Changing your sheets to a much lighter fabric such as cotton will help you stay cooler at night. There are also certain pillows and sheets that are made of materials to help cool you off while you sleep. Investing in a set might be just what you need to get a peaceful nights’ sleep.

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