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Wilmington Heating During the Holidays

It’s a sub-optimal time to be without heat. Global warming may be on the rise – yet Wilmington locals can look forward to quite a number of freezing nights this holiday season! Brinson and Sons would like to remind our amazing customers why we’re the number one pick for Wilmington Heating and Air!

Wilmington heating during the holidays


Never be without your HVAC system

Did your air conditioning decide to take a vacation of its own this holiday season? Not a problem for Brinson and Sons. Not only do we run maintenance on functioning units, but we also fix those that bit the dust, too. We suggest AC service maintenance at least once a year to maintain the performance and health of your unit. Afterall, replacing a broken air conditioning unit can be very expensive. Our competitive maintenance plans work by scheduling a certified HVAC technician to be sent to your home or business on a regular schedule; an expert is always close by with Brinson and Sons.

Heating Repair

Whether you’re looking to heat your home or place of business, you need a unit that you can depend on. If you’re looking to buy a new unit, visit our HVAC page, however as we well know, life happens and these things can malfunction. When it does, our HVAC technicians will be on the scene to get you back up and running. There are always a few tell-tale signs that you may be able to identify yourself before calling us, this blog details some of those signs.

Why Choose Brinson & Sons

Why trust Brinson & Sons? We are a family owned businesses, operating in the heating and cooling industries since 1974. We have remained loyal to our roots, operating out of Southeastern North Carolina. Brinson & Sons is actually the largest sheet metal fabricator for heating and air applications and this has allowed them to expand their business beyond Wilmington. Brinson & Sons takes pride in providing the community they call home, the comfort to do the same. To learn more about our heating services, check out our page here.


Our Partners


Back in 1974, before company mission statements were in vogue, Jack Brinson started his heating and air company with one objective – treat every customer with the personal and professional care they deserve. From new installation to system replacement to service and repair, our team of heating and air professionals will do it like it’s their own home. Our rapid response time is designed with your comfort in mind. That’s the quality of service you can expect. After all, Jack wouldn’t have it any other way.