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Find a Heating System That's Right For You
Jan 13th 2022

Find a Heating System That's Right For You

There are two ways to efficiently heat your home. The most popular home heating systems are heat pumps and furnaces - and some home heating systems use both methods. The team at Brinson and Sons Heating and Cooling can help you find the right home heating solution for our coastal climate, for your home and for your family's needs.

Heat Pump

It may seem counterintuitive, but a heat pump uses outside air during the winter to heat your home. The heat pump is part of your central heating and cooling system and uses a similar process to cool your home in the summer. Because your heat pump unit acts as an air conditioner and heater, these systems are the most versatile available. Heat pumps can be energy efficient, distributing heat from outdoor air or from the ground to areas of your home that need it. During the summer, the reverse takes place, removing heat from your home. These systems can be a great option for Southeastern North Carolina.


While a heat pump captures heat from outdoors, a furnace requires a fuel source to heat your home. A heat exchanger and blower circulate the warm air throughout your home. A furnace central heating system runs on either gas or oil. Furnaces are often used in colder climates where outdoor temperatures are often below freezing.

Dual Heating Systems

Discover the best of both worlds with a furnace/heat pump dual system. During mild days the heat pump is activated saving you money. Then, and as outdoor temperatures get colder, the gas furnace automatically kicks in to keep your home warm. This type of smart central air system automatically chooses the most efficient mode to save you money.

Choosing a Home Heating System

Our heating and cooling experts can help you explore installation costs, calculate monthly fuel expenses and consider your home’s current configuration to help you choose the system that works best for you. Each system has energy efficiency benefits, like heat pumps which transfer more energy that they consume, or a high-efficiency dual system designed to be fuel efficient.

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