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Feb 15th 2023

Leave on your HVAC when you are away.

It is more cost-effective to adjust your thermostat setting to a cooler or warmer temperature when you are away than turn it off completely. Here’s why…

  • If you turn your HVAC unit off while you are away it will have to work harder to reach the desired temperature when you return. In turn, this requires more energy to complete the cooling or heating process, thus increasing your monthly energy bill.
  • If your desired temperature in the winter is 68. Then set your thermostat to 60. When you return set it back to 68 and this way your unit will only have to bring the temperature up 8 degrees versus leaving it off and possibly having your thermostat work twice as hard to bring it up 20 + degrees.
  • The same goes for the AC set the thermostat temperature as much as 10 degrees warmer when you leave. This means the system won’t run unnecessary—and costly—cooling cycles to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature while you’re not at home.

If your unit is running properly the tips above will ensure you are making the right decision for your HVAC while you are away. But again your unit needs to be running well. That is why the best cost-effective decision a property owner can make, is to choose to have a preventive maintenance service.

Just like most machines, all HVAC systems need an annual professional tune-up. Brinson & Sons offers affordable maintenance plans designed to help keep your heating and cooling equipment running smoothly.

These maintenance plans include one visit in the fall to check your heating system and one check in the spring to check your air conditioning. Call Brinson & Sons today to schedule your annual maintenance visit or to sign up for one of our terrific service plans.

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