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Central Air Conditioning And You
Jul 15th 2016

Central Air Conditioning And You

Central air conditioning is of vital importance in the hot, humid climates of the Carolinas. Rather than cooling rooms with window or wall units, central air conditioning utilizes a single, centralized unit, which is typically housed outside, to cool your home or business with consistent temperatures throughout. These systems utilize ducts to carry cool air to rooms. Once cool air warms as it circulates throughout the area, it returns to the central air conditioner through the ducts to be cooled again. No more unsightly exterior window units; central air units bring money-saving elegance to any facility or home.

Central air technology is improving at a rapid rate. According to the Department of Energy, switching from a unit that is only ten years old may save 20 to 40 percent in cooling costs. Brinson and Sons will collaborate with customers like it is their own home to ensure you choose the air conditioner that’s right for you.

For air conditioning in the Carolinas, it is almost always ideal to use a central air unit rather than a window unit; however, there are exceptions. For instance, if the space is a small, single room then a window or through-the-wall air conditioner may be ideal. The majority of homes and businesses benefit from central air conditioning because of its reliable and consistent performance, saving thousands over time in maintenance costs. Brinson and Sons recommends annual system checkups for all units to offset hiccups in coverage. Peace of mind is important when enduring the hot, sticky months of summer!

Brinson and Sons offers a variety of central air conditioning HVAC packages to meet your home or business needs. Our nearly 30 years of experience serving the Carolinas has allowed us to custom-tailor a solution that will be the most effective, reliable, and efficient as possible. If you would like to read more about what air conditioning system is right for you, visit our Finding the Right Air Conditioner page.

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