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Do You Have Any Of These Common Thermostat Issues?
Feb 1st 2020

Do You Have Any Of These Common Thermostat Issues?

Is your thermostat placed too close to direct sunlight? If so, you could find yourself freezing all year round. The direct sunlight could force the thermostat to believe the home is already warm, never triggering the heat to come on. Or the warm sunny summer could trigger the thermostat to react and have the air conditioner running continuously.

Also, a thermostat needs to be centrally located in the home. A dark hallway is never a good idea for placement. Neither is a room with a secondary heat source such as a fireplace. Place the thermostat in the center of the home which will offer you the best all round comfort.

Finally, is your thermostat old, dirty or damaged? If so, you are sure to be getting inaccurate readings causing extra wear and tear on your HVAC. Not to mention the extra cost of energy. In this case, the best thing to do is to call professionals like Brinson and Sons and schedule an appointment today.

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