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Dryer Vents - When To Clean Them
Feb 15th 2020

Dryer Vents - When To Clean Them

Reaching your hand into your dryer to find damp or wet clothes is not a good feeling. This may be from not cleaning your dryer vent.

A clogged up dryer vent can cost you money on your utility bill but more importantly can be the cause of house fires. Airflow can become restricted when lint from your clothes clog the air vents. This is usually the cause of your clothes not becoming completely dry. Make it a routine to clean your lint trap after every load. Dryer vent cleaning should be part of your seasonal cleaning checklist. Spring and fall cleaning schedules are a great time to perform a thorough cleaning on the dryer vent, including the duct in the back of the unit. To make sure this seasonal cleaning is done correctly we suggest you call us here at Brinson & Sons. We are offering a spring special on standard dryer vent cleanings for $124.95 plus tax.

Call us today to get your clothes dry and keep your family safe. (910) 763-5331>

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